Family Taekwondo Plus is a Family Owned and Operated Taekwondo School and a Whole Lot More

About Us:

Family Taekwondo Plus is led by The Cirincione Family, who believes that “A Family Who Kicks Together, Sticks Together.”

Professor Dominic Cirincione is has been studying various Martial Arts disciplines for more than 45 years. He is a 9th degree black belt in Martial Arts and was inducted into the International Black Belt Hall of Fame in 2012. Professor Teena Cirincione has earned her 7th degree black belt in Martial Arts, and in 2014 was also inducted into the International Black Belt Hall of Fame. Together they are the “parents” of the incredible family that this school has become.

Family Taekwondo Plus teaches more than Marital Arts and self-defense. They reinforce the values that parents are teaching – such as Courtesy and respect for all people; Integrity for one’s self; Perseverance in order to reach one’s goals; and Self-Control which stresses the value of thinking before one reacts.

Our academy is set on a strong family foundation. We have observed that families that work and study together become much stronger and happier as a unit. However, we provide single people a great team atmosphere and an opportunity to meet new people, while building self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Cirincione’s have surrounded themselves with a phenomenal team of certified instructors and leaders who are each 100% dedicated to doing whatever it takes to ensure that every one of their students succeeds.

Our school features two large training areas with soft mat floors, so students can practice drills safely. Parents and friends are invited to observe from our seating area, and instructors are always available to answer questions. We are located at the corner of Sunrise and Antelope in Citrus Heights, in the old Blockbuster Video location. Parents and prospective students are invited to come by during normal hours and observe a class and our instructors.

Our School’s Mission:

“To increase the Leadership education in our community, by creating positive role models and citizens through Martial Arts and personal development training.”

Our Students’ Mission:

“To act like a Black Belt each day at school and home and in Martial Arts classes. To lead others in class by doing my best and improving each and every day.

“The Family That Kicks Together Sticks Together!”


Here’s what just a few of our parents and students have to say about Family Taekwondo Plus.

I took a martial arts class back in college and enjoyed it very much. So when my youngest son asked if we could try Family Taekwondo Plus, I instantly said yes and both of my sons and I started on our black belt journeys. The structure and discipline my sons have received during training has helped at school, at home and in public. I now routinely hear “yes sir” and “yes mam”; my sons are more polite and more at ease in public. They have more confidence in themselves and I feel more at ease knowing they can better defend themselves, if needed. Thank you, Professor C., Mrs. Teena and Miss KaSea! You have quickly become a needed and trusted part of our family.

John Gipson, Student and Parent
“Family Taekwondo Plus has played a huge role in helping bring our family of five together from both a mental and physical perspective. Prior to our whole family taking up Taekwondo, we used to split apart at home and do our own thing: computer, video games, TV, etc. Now we have a common interest and are concentrating on our health and wellness as a family. We still do those other things, but they are now kept in balance with our Taekwondo priorities. Family Taekwondo Plus has instilled in our family valuable tools that will benefit us for the rest of out lives. Together all five of our family members have achieved the rank of Black Belt.”
Chris Nielsen, Student and Parent
Family Taekwondo Plus has been a perfect fit for our daughter. When she first started coming here she was shy, introverted, and somewhat of a perfectionist. She would get extremely frustrated and easily end up in tears if she couldn’t understand something right away. After training here she has now gained strength, confidence, and pride in herself, as well has learned to apply the student’s tenants of taekwondo into her every day life.”
Julie Briones, Parent

“Family Taekwondo Plus has been phenomenal for my son. He struggles with focus and attention, but the training he has learned here has transferred over to school and all other aspects of his life. Professor C. came highly recommended to us by one of our son’s teachers who is a parent here. After meeting with him, we made the decision to give it a try, despite it being 25 minutes from our house. We drive past six other martial arts schools to get here every day. And not once have we even considered looking into one of those. This is where our son belongs!

Michelle Quinn, Parent

Family Taekwondo Plus has been instrumental in my life. I came to them experiencing the after affects of child abuse. They adapted my training to enable me to overcome my struggles. I have increased my self confidence, diminished my fear of being a victim & I am continuing to grow as I advance in my skills both emotionally & physically. I highly recommend Family Taekwondo Plus, they support each individual student & their specific needs.

Pam Neilsen, Student and Parent
Ms. Kasea - Chief Instructor of Family Taekwondo Plus

Parent and Student Testimonial Videos:

“Strengthening Families One Kick At A Time”

Professor C demonstrating stick techniques to advanced taekwondo students

Frequently Asked Questions:

Taekwondo is a Korean art, while Karate is a Japanese art. Taekwondo uses most of the same hand techniques as Karate but emphasizes the kicks more. Taekwondo is well known for its flashy, high, aerial and/or spinning kicks. However, all martial arts have benefits. We believe that it is more important to be comfortable with the academy’s overall goals, the instructor’s teaching skills, and the learning atmosphere than to choose a school based only on the style of Martial Art or the price.
We teach a practical, responsible self-defense program. Children learn that Martial Arts is not about violence but about developing skills they can use safely in a tough situation. Any aggression the child brings in to the program usually disappears with continued training and increased self-esteem. Also, we recite the Student Oath and Six Tenets at the end of every class and discuss their meanings and applications.
Bowing is a way to show respect. It is comparable to a Western handshake, not worship. There is no religion in Taekwondo. However, you must bow to your instructors and to other students to show that you respect them. They will also bow to you to show you the same respect.
We train students as young as 3 years old. You are never too old to start Taekwondo. With our state-of-the-art facility, quality mats and staff, injury is very rare.
No, most people wear shorts or sweats at first. You won’t need a uniform until your trial is over. However, many of our program packages include a uniform. The uniforms come with top, pants, and white belt. Family Taekwondo Plus T-shirts are a popular option for workouts.
Family Taekwondo Plus students must pass a test to earn a higher rank. Promotional testing is an exciting event for us! We hold a testing every 8 to 10 weeks. Parents and friends are invited to come and watch. No classes are held on testing days. After a successful testing, the student is awarded a new rank and given a rank certificate in a belt ceremony.
This depends somewhat on your age (young children take longer), your abilities, and how much time you can devote to classes and personal workouts. It takes most students 90 – 120 hours, spread out over 18 – 36 months of in-class training under the supervision of a Certified Instructor to achieve the rank of Red Belt. At this point, self-defense should be automatic and instinctive. After Red Belt it takes another 10 – 18 months to earn the rank of First Degree Black Belt. Once you have earned your First Degree Black Belt, you have learned the basics and the real learning can begin.
Yellow belt level, and yes, you do. To learn how to defend yourself, it is important to practice against a moving opponent, similar to a real confrontation. Students develop enhanced reflexes, quick judgment, timing, and distancing. Our students begin learning to free spar at yellow belt, about 4 months into their training. It’s better to learn to block, punch, and kick without hurting ourselves before trying the techniques on moving targets. Then we learn how to spar using respect and good control. Sparring is always supervised closely by the instructor, and students are required to wear protective gear.
Absolutely! Some of our best Martial Artists, including instructors and assistants, are female. Because Taekwondo is a kicking art, it is particularly effective as a practical self-defense program for women and children.
While completely optional, the next tournament is always much-anticipated! We participate in competition withother schools in the California and Nevada area to experience other methods and styles. Our students do well at these events, learning good sportsmanship and bringing home beautiful medals and trophies!
Absolutely not! Anyone can start learning the basics. In fact you will begin to lose weight and get into better shape almost immediately.

“Martial Arts Is More Than Kicking and Punching”

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