Family Taekwondo Plus offers
Hyper Pro Training And Hyper Bully Defense

In order to expose our students to the exciting array of Martial Arts that is available beyond Taekwondo, Family Taekwondo Plus joined the Hyper Team. Hyper Pro Training is a program available to an elite selection of schools around the world. It focuses on modern, extreme, street-style Martial Arts. It pushes participants to jump and kick higher than they ever believed possible. It teaches them to be Martial Arts athletes, not merely students. Developed by champions throughout the XMA field, Hyper teaches us to train with the best in order to be the best.

Hyper also teaches us that bullying ends here. We have joined in their world-wide movement (Hyper Bully Defense) to stand up to bullying. We offer free bully defense workshops and Hyper Fight Club, which teaches students how to effectively protect themselves as a last line of defense. Developed by top professionals (including professional MMA champions) bullies don’t stand a chance!

Hyper Pro Training

Kicking above their heads, handsprings, tornado kicks, rapid-fire blocks and punches. These are just some of the basic skills that our Hyper Pro Training students have learned. Led by Mr. Rubiano, our very own XMA State Champion, this class simply rocks!

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Hyper Pro Camps

Typically we hold Hyper Pro Camps about once a quarter. This is often when a new weapon is introduced to our students. These half-day camps are open to current Hyper Students and those interested in learning more about it. The goal of every Hyper Pro Training camp is for every student to leave sweating, smiling and inspired. Are you ready to be a Martial Arts athlete? Be awesome! Be Hyper!

Give us a call at 916-725-3200 to find out when our next Hyper Pro Camp will be held.

Hyper Bully Defense

Bullying is a national epidemic! Every seven minutes a child is bullied. 1 in 4 kids is bullied. 160,000 students miss school each day because of bullying. Bullying is the #1 factor in suicide among teens 11-16 years old. WE SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!! Hyper Bully Defense is a world-wide movement to put an end to bullying. PERIOD. [continue reading…]

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Hyper Fight Club

Sometimes talking just doesn’t work. It’s sad but true. This motivational program teaches students the skills, beliefs, and confidence to Live Their Life. Hyper Fight Club inspires fast and powerful athletes who will stand up for their beliefs and remain respectful and humble. [continue reading…]

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