Family Taekwondo Plus offers Kardio Kickboxing
and Kardio Kombat Classes for Adults

Training in Martial Arts doesn’t mean you have to work within a belt system. Many of our Taekwondo parents take our adult fitness classes to get in shape and learn self-defense moves at the same time.

We offer two cardio programs, Kardio Kickboxing and Kardio Kombat. We know cardio is spelled with a “C”, but in our Klasses we KICK so hard, we Knocked the “C” out Kold.

These are:

~Butt Kicking ~

~Bag Slamming ~

~Sweat Pouring Workouts~

Smart Fitness = Serious Self Defense!

Both combine cardio workouts with Martial Arts training, proving to be the most effective way to burn fat, tone your muscles, and get into shape. The unique combination of strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, and balance set these apart from any other fitness programs. Training within the Martial Arts leads to weight loss for reasons other than just wanting to look good. You will look great and feel better than ever, no matter what age you begin! What’s better is that you’ll also learn skills that would keep you safe if you ever needed to defend yourself.

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Kardio Kickboxing


No more boring gym workouts! Learn Martial Arts, get fit and enjoy the process. You don’t have to be in shape to start, just be ready for fun! Set to heart pumping music, this cardio kickboxing class will push you beyond your mental limits and to the edge of your physical ones. Our instructors are firm but compassionate – no insult yelling here! You will bond with your classmates as you all work together, kicking and punching your way to a better you. As we say, sweat is just fat crying.

Kardio Kombat

What do you get when you combine a bag pounding cardio workout with street self-defense techniques? Kardio Kombat. This is Professor C’s pet class and he personally teaches it every week. No formalities. No fluff. Just real-world stuff that could save your life. Our world has become a pretty scary place. He WILL train you to protect yourself (AND YOUR FAMILY) from any type of attack. And if that wasn’t enough he will also make you SWEAT. By combining high intensity bag-work with Martial Arts skills culled from dozens of disciplines, this class will kick your butt! But a mugger wont!

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