Family Taekwondo Plus offers
Classes for students of all ages.

Taekwondo training is the heart of our school. Classes throughout all age groups focus on basic move, kicks and forms (directly from The World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul, Korea). What make’s us different from most Taekwondo schools is that while we have the utmost respect for our Marital Art, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love to laugh and joke with all of our students, while still maintaining discipline and focused training. This lighthearted approach ensures that students (especially children) look forward to coming to classes. Those students who demonstrate a serious commitment to their training are invited to join our Black Belt Club.

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Excellent Kids –
Life Skills Martial Arts Program
For Pre-K & Kindergarten Age Kids:

Our Excellent Kids program offers 12 IMPORTANT LIFE SKILLS that are taught in an age appropriate curriculum that is fun and engaging. It gives children the tools to succeed at school, at home, and in life. [continue reading…]

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Children’s Taekwondo Classes:

The Martial Arts combine physical fitness and a character education to build confidence in kids. Our environment helps kids learn discipline and respect, plus exciting techniques. It’s the best investment you can make for your child’s future. [continue reading…]

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Teen and Adult Taekwondo Classes:

Gain awesome skills! – Experience the thrill of performing exciting techniques like those you have seen in the movies. Your self-defense skills will protect you from bullies and earn you the respect of your peers. Every step you take on your martial arts journey provides a new challenge, for a life full of adventure. [continue reading…]

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Black Belt Club:

The Black Belt Club is an invitation-only program. It represents a higher level of our “Success through Goal Setting” philosophy. Black Belt Club Members are those individuals who have dedicated themselves to achieving the goal of Black Belt. Benefits of this exclusive program include: a special uniform, club patch, and a variety of advanced training opportunities including: weapons, pressure point control tactics, grappling, escapes, take-downs and a whole lot more. [continue reading…]

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Weapons Classes:

One of our school’s specialties is weapons training. Professor Cirincione is the National Vice President of Weapons Curriculum for The United World Taekwondo Association and is highly sought after as a guest instructor across the country. [continue reading…]

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Competitive Sparring Class:

Especially designed for for those students who have the desire to spar in Taekwondo tournaments. Taught by Mr. Meyers, our very own sparring Guru and a multi-time state and national sparring champion, this class teaches advanced fighting techniques.

Students will learn the stances, combinations, tricks and mental attitude needed to be successful in a competitive Taekwondo environment. This class is fast-paced, high-energy and intended to turn students into fierce warriors when they enter the tournament ring. If you come to this class, come to work! Mr. Meyers says “We spar like Ladies and Gentlemen but hit the bags like animals… except in tournaments.”

Taekwondo Tournaments

We’ve mentioned tournaments several times above. While they are not mandatory, we strongly encourage our students to take advantage of these opportunities to learn and improve their Taekwondo skills. Every time our students compete they learn from their own actions and from watching and interacting with students from other schools. Students can compete in a variety of divisions including: Forms, Sparring, Weapons, Team-Sparring, Board-Breaking, etc. All divisions are divided in groups by age, belt rank and usually into boys/girls so students are always competing against people with similar skill and experience. [continue reading…]

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